American Heiress Nedenia Post Dye Slain at her Luxury Honduras Spa

Great-granddaughter of General Foods heiress found stabbed to death.

Nedenia Post Dye

Nedenia Post Dye

Nedenia Post Dye, great granddaughter of Majorie Merriweather Post, was found in her room on Dec. 22nd at her luxury spa resort on the Caribbean island of Roatan, Honduras. A local musician, whom Nedenia Dye was helping quit drugs, was arrested.

Nedenia Post Dye had been living for 15 years on Roatan, where she ran a luxury spa.

Editors Note: This crime has nothing to do with Honduras and everything to do with the desperation of getting your next high. Crime of passion…sadly happens everyday, everywhere. It’s tragic any way you spin it. We remember Nedenia well. She made Roatan her home, she was a silent doer and giver, and the people accepted her with open arms…why else would you stay for 15 years when you could live anywhere in the world? One bad egg spoils the perception of a beautiful island and its people.

International news agencies especially the AP / AFP whose reporters in Honduras are completely biased and love to talk bad about our country, have attempted to dilute the good that Nedenia tried to accomplish for her country of residence for more than 15 years by adding “Unrelated Country Statistics” to this story by adding their typical “Honduras is not a good Place, ending to EVERY story they have published, and is copied word for word and syndicated around the Internet world day in and day out.  An absolutely terrible Internet and Press practice, promoted mostly by Internet search engines that still to this day have not mastered the art of the “real news”, a terrible news syndication practice.

We write our articles based on experience and first hand knowledge. Having personally known Nedenia, the last thing she would have wanted is for this story to adversely affect the country she called home for more than fifteen years. Food for thought as you read the AP, AFP, CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, FoxNews, The Guardian, etc., who all get their info from one source sitting in a room in Tegucigalpa, afraid to take his family for a walk, while the rest of us travel the country and do the best to report the real facts of life. Our condolences to Nedenia’s family, R.I.P. You are, and will be always be, missed.

What we know so far:

A drug-addict drummer whom Nedenia was fond of and was helping with his drug addiction has been arrested for the stabbing to death of the great-granddaughter of the heiress to the General Foods fortune at her luxury island resort. Police have arrested a local singer and drummer known as “The Canary” whose real name is Lenin Roberto Arana.  He was arrested wearing blood-soaked clothing while driving Dye’s car.

Nedenia Post Dye, 46, was found dead on Dec. 22, 2013.

Dye’s great-grandmother was Marjorie Merriweather Post, a legendary socialite and philanthropist who died in 1973 and was once the wealthiest woman in America.

At age 27, Merriweather Post inherited the Postum Cereal Company, and in 1929 rechristened the mammoth company General Foods. Brands such as Grape Nuts cereal, Tang, Oscar Mayer and Kool-Aid, all were part of its food empire until 1990, when it merged with Kraft Foods.

Dye shared her great-grandmother’s business acumen, and had lived on the tropical paradise island of Roatan for 15 years while running the Baan Suerte luxury spa.

The island of Roatan is a popular destination among expats and tourists.

“She was a good woman who worked with young people at risk, drug addicts and alcoholics,” Honduran police chief Madrid said.

Dye, of Santa Monica, Calif., told an alumni publication of her alma mater, George Washington University, last year that she loved risk-taking and adventure, just like her great-grandmother. 

“My friend and I had an idea to start a business,” Dye told the alumni magazine. “I wanted to go to Asia but she said, ‘No, Central America is closer. If (the business) fails, we can swim home.'”

Robin Delaloye, manager of strategic planning for George Washington University Libraries, said Ms. Post’s financial support rescued Mount Vernon College on several occasions.  See more at

Arana told local reporters he hadn’t betrayed the woman who had taken him under her wing.

“I’m innocent,” Arana said. “Nedenia was like a mother to me. She protected me.” He remains in the custody of Honduran Police.

At the request of her family her body will be cremated in San Pedro Sula and repatriated to the USA.

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