Attorney General Attacked Saturday Night

Unknown gunmen shot a convoy of vehicles carrying Attorney General Luis Alberto Rubi, while traveling on Saturday night on the main highway in northern Honduras. Luckily, the attack left no casualties, police said.

“Only one vehicle in the convoy that accompanied the Attorney General received numerous gunshot wounds,” said the police spokesman, commissioner Orlin Cerrato.

Rubi returned to Tegucigalpa after staying at his ranch in Comayagua, about 130 kilometers north of Tegucigalpa.

The attackers “fired repeatedly at the three vehicles with bodyguards that often accompany the officer, but did not know which of them was carrying the lawyer Rubi,” according to Cerrato. “…then a heavy rain fell in the area and it was dark,” he said. The assailants, who have not yet been found, fled after the shooting.

Cerrato said the move “concerns us because the motorcade was struck by persons in a strategic location on the road … and practically was an ambush”.

Since the June removal of Manuel Zelaya, the authorities have registered at least 15 attacks, including media targeted with grenades, explosive devices in malls or public places, and five sabotages of electricity pylons. Nobody has been charged in any of the attacks. Electric structures were damaged Saturday.

“Fortunately the metal structures did not fall because we arrived in time to avoid the tragedy that has left thousands of people in the dark,” said the manager of the National Electric Power Company (the ENEE), James Dacosta.

Two similar actions, where the towers actually fell, occurred three weeks ago on the Atlantic coast.

Also, still unaccounted for, are the killings of a nephew of President Roberto Micheletti and an army colonel who was the Chief of the Military Industry, which occurred on October 25th.

It was Attorney General Rubi who ultimately filed the criminal charges on the former president, Manuel Zelaya.

2 Responses to "Attorney General Attacked Saturday Night"

  1. El guapo  November 9, 2009 at 7:33 am

    Honduras stop listening to this diplomacy crap deal with this despicable maggot and his henchmen like i said this is a ochestrated campaign by these terrorist funded and organised overseas. while patriotic Hondurans are assasinated the so-called negotiators will flying around the world pushing their economic plans and schemes time for action!

  2. miraclemant  November 8, 2009 at 6:03 pm

    z’liar is the politician of violence!

    he has warned us that if he is not re-instated to president, that the streets will run red with the blood of hondurans.

    unfortunately…… this is probably one of the few only true statements he has made, and I fear that in the next 3 weeks before the elections violence will become more and more common in all of Honduras.

    Stay STRONG Honduras, only 21 more days until the free elections……..

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