Choluteca Honduras Fishermen want the Government to protect them, not rent boats to protect the USA Drug Problems

Honduran Mayor of Marcovia, Choluteca, Nahún Cálix, asked the government to buy, instead of frigates to look after other countries’ backs and issues of drug trafficking, to please protect the Honduran fishermen of the Gulf of Fonseca.

Calix was last week at the State House (Casa de Gobierno) with a group of fishermen who took the Panamerican highway in protest of Nicaragua Navy constantly being captured and confiscating their boats and fishing gear charging unaffordable fines.

“Our fishermen have to pay up to $ 50,000 (about one million lempiras) fine to recover their boats and equipment in Nicaragua and Honduras Navy does not do anything,” said Calix. He said many are unable to work because they have to pay the finesto get heir boats back and also can not fish because they live in constant anxiety that at any time they can be stopped. “The other day I told the government of Honduras as they are spending $ 62 million (about 1.233 billion lempiras) to rent frigates to take care of the drugs destined to the United States why cant they put a patrol out to care for our fishermen,”.

He said that the Navy’s excuse for not protecting them is they have no budget to fuel the patrol, “but if you have that much money to rent boats…

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