Comayagua Families Receive Subsidy

Eighty-eight families in the town of Comayagua whose homes and farms were damaged by the torrential rains of last October, received a financial subsidy from the President of Congress, Juan Orlando Hernández.

The amount of the aid amounts to 260,000 lempiras and was presented at a public ceremony in the Ajuterique Central Plaza to Mayor Mario Palencia. The funds will be used to help the victims of the Los Playones, Las Playitas and El Milagro communities to overcome problems encountered with the rehabilitation of their coffee plantations.

Speaking at the ceremony, the legislator said that when people come together for a particular purpose, the objectives are achieved, “I am of the belief that state money should be used to help those who cannot cope with the difficulties they face, such as these residents of Los Playones, Las Playitas and El Milagro, who lost their homes and their coffee crops.”

“This will also help advance housing projects, the sewerage system, and electricity for these communities,” said Congressman Orlando Hernández.

Meanwhile, Perfecto Jesús Enamorado, the Permanent Contingency Commission (COPECO) representative for that area, reported that since the landslide occurred on the mountain of Monte Cristo on October 3rd, the 88 families who today received their subsidy, have been housed by the Commission, “COPECO is supplying food, blankets and mattresses to victims, which includes many children,” the official said.

Mr. Enamorado also indicated that they have already located an area in Quelepa and Playones where the families who lost their homes will be resettled. The victims will help with the construction of these homes and will continue to receive food for their families in exchange for their efforts.

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