Congressional Committees Begin Meetings

The private secretary of the National Congress president, Ricardo Cardona, announced that the various committees have begun to meet which were appointed by the head of the legislature, Juan Orlando Hernández, in order to, no later than the first week of March, ratify all the reforms approved in the last term, especially in regards to the Model Cities and Article Five of the the Constitution.

Honduras Model Cities

Octavio Sanchez Answers Questions Regarding Model Cities

Cardona announced that the commission will soon be visiting the four corners of Honduras to achieve a consensus amongst all members of society regarding these constitutional reforms.

The Minister of the Presidential Staff, Octavio Sánchez, who briefed the President on the topic of Model Cities, said, “Once we have fully identified who will be the investors in these projects, we will work on designing a constitutional statute for each of these regions.”

Four areas are being studied for the location of the Model Cities.
In the Northern zone: the Valley of Sico and Paulaya, Trujillo Bay, and Omoa; and in the Southern zone, in the area of Amapala and the Gulf of Fonseca.

This is a long term project, and the location decisions will be made depending on the feedback from the people of those regions and the Government of Honduras.

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