Honduran Special Forces Train with US Seal Team Members

With the assistance of Special Operations Command South (SOCSOUTH), the Honduran military has stepped up their efforts in order to secure their borders through a strong partnership …

Honduran Special Forces Train with US SEAL Team Members

U.S. Navy Photo by ITC Gino Rullo, Naval Special Warfare Unit-FOUR

During a recent six-month deployment, members of Naval Special Warfare Task Element-Alpha, a deployed maneuver element attached to Naval Special Warfare Unit-4, partnered with their Honduran counterparts to train and increase the military capacity of the newly established Honduran Fuerza Especiales Naval or (FEN).

The FEN is a maritime unit of special operators capable of combating transnational organized crime in and around their waterways.

Ten operators from SEAL Team 18, attached to NSWU-4, spent six months training and observing the FEN in a multidisciplinary approach, resulting in 45 highly qualified Honduran special operators by the end of the training.

More than 110 Honduran sailors attended the two, eight-week Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL-style selection courses, designed by the members of NSWU-4, which challenged the mental and physical capabilities of each individual.

NSWTE-A focused its efforts on partner nation self-sustainment strategies when seven FEN members were selected as future instructors, shadowing NSW counterparts during all training evolutions. This mentorship provided each Honduran instructor with the competence and confidence to conduct future selection courses and internal sustainment training unilaterally.

Organizational departments were also created to include assault, boats, communications, engineering and training with a senior officer and enlisted adviser assigned to each department.

“With the task organization of the FEN currently in place, they are now able to organize operations, training, and maintenance far more effectively which in turn has created a streamlined and capable maritime unit,” stated the NSWTE-A noncommissioned officer in charge.

This training conducted by NSWTE-A established the framework going forward for the Honduran FEN. The FEN is now task organized into assault, boat, communications, maintenance and training departments.

“The unique task organization, presentation of functional skill sets, and development of unit pride and esprit de corps has effectively paved the way for continued Honduran-led training and operations in the future in order to keep their borders secure against transnational organized crime and illicit trafficking,” said the NSWTE-A officer in charge.

Excerpts from: DVIDS News

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