Hondurans Aboard Train Wreck The Beast in Mexico

Hondurans Aboard Train Wreck The Beast in Mexico

The Government of Honduras reported today that two more Hondurans have died in the train wreck in Mexico that took place on Sunday, bringing the death toll from Honduras to eight.

Representatives of Honduras in Mexico reported in a brief statement that, “Mexican official sources confirmed that two more Hondurans were found” (who died in the train accident).

The dead from Honduras are Armando Jovel Bustamante and Jorge Alberto Zúniga.

Eleven Hondurans Aboard Train Wreck The Beast in Mexico Have Died

With these two bodies, the total killed in the train wreck of “The Beast” in Mexico, rises to 11 people, and the number of Hondurans who died in the accident are eight. Six bodies were repatriated on Wednesday to San Pedro Sula, the second largest city in Honduras.

The other Honduran deceased are Darling Valle, José Guerrero, Rufino Aguilar, Gerardo Sandoval, Félix Ponce and Rubén Gómez.

Director of Consular Affairs of the Foreign Ministry, Ivonne Bonilla, and the Consul, Josué Rivera, this morning visited two Hondurans who remain hospitalized and are “in a delicate situation” according to the hospital regional doctor, Gómez Farías, the official statement relayed.

The derailment of a freight train known as “The Beast” occurred on Sunday at La Tembladera, in the Municipality of Huimanguillo, on the edge of Tabasco in Veracruz.

The train accident injured at least 35 people, 16 of them seriously. Mexican authorities believe that the total of deaths may increase. Honduran authorities continue to work together with the Mexican authorities on the identification of persons.

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