Honduras: Air Fields Used by Drug Traffickers Destroyed

The National Inter Agency Security Force (Fusina) of Honduras today destroyed several clandestine airline tracks used by drug traffickers in the area near the border with Guatemala, at the north of the country.


An explosion creates a crater in an illicit airfield used for drug trafficking in the Gracias a Dios region of Honduras. Honduran forces used explosives to crater illicit airfields to render them useless.
Photo: US Southern Command (SOUTHCOMM)

The military operation also disabled several known sites here as blind spots, which are commonly used for the smuggling of drugs, weapons, people, vehicles and smuggling in general.

Digital Process According to the work of destruction backhoes and explosives were used and after operations craters were up to 100 meters, with 10 deep and 12 in diameter.

Last year the authorities destroyed nine blind spots and 46 clandestine aircraft tracks.

During 2014 Fusina seized 11, 681 kilograms of cocaine and 28, 662 of marijuana, for a total of 40, 343 kilos of drugs, while destroyed six clandestine laboratories, seized 3,200 weapons and detained 12, 500 criminals.

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