Honduras Dive Shops Team up

Utila Dive FestivalIn an effort to boost Honduras Diving and Tourism, the Dive Shops on Utila have all teamed up to put on an exciting week long Scuba Diving Festival the week of August 18th through the 25th of 2012. Although the Honduras Bay Islands have always been world renowned as one of the premier diving locations in the world, this diving event in Utila was coordinated by a team of independent diving professionals who hope to show the world just how good the diving is, in a friendly, and fun team spirited event that is synonymous of every day life on Utila.

The Bay Island of Utila, unlike the formalities of Roatan, has always been laid back and a non hype “mañana” kind of place, where the majority of visitors never want to leave. Of the 6,000 plus residents on the island, about 70% are people from all over the world who showed up for either diving, a swim with Whale Sharks, or “party” at carnival and Sun Jam, or just plain old fashioned back packing and relaxing on the beach, that decided not to leave.

This cooperation among competing businesses is a welcome trend being seen throughout Honduras.  Business rivals are teaming up in order to elevate the promotion of tourism in our country.

Dedicated to raising awareness of what a diving experience in Honduras is all about, this event should prove to be educational as well as fun.

Learn more about the Utila Dive Festival.

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