Honduras Has a New Ambassador in Mexico

José Mariano Castillo was sworn in today as the new Ambassador of Honduras to the people and government of Mexico, strengthening relations between the two nations.

“All embassies of Honduras have an ambassador, which signifies that we have normalized diplomatic relations with all countries with which Honduras maintains a friendship,” said Foreign Minister Mario Canahuati.

Ambassador José Mariano Castillo mentioned that among the priority issues, is the issue of migration, since it is an topic that affects thousands of Hondurans who try to come to the United States, and whose rights are violated as they pass through that country.

“I have much experience in Mexico because I spend much of my time in this country,” he said after being sworn in at a ceremony presided over by the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

The new ambassador mentioned that he will also work to increase Mexico’s investment in Honduras, and thus generate more jobs in the country. He plans to seek opportunities for Honduran students to study in Mexico by granting scholarships.

José Mariano Castillo is from the municipality of San José de Colinas, Santa Barbara. He has a degree in Political Science and Public Administration and a Doctorate in Judicial Sciences, and is a member of many prestigious associations.

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