Honduras ban on 2 male riders per Motorcycle extended


Honduras Police Enforce Law Against Two Male Riders on Motorcycles

Honduras Congress extended for indefinately, the ban prohibiting two male riders on a motorcycle, in an effort to continue fighting drive by shootings by cyclists.
The Legislative decree banning two men traveling on motorcycles was extended for another six months, after this instrument expired yesterday, and after statistics have show that it has been an effective way of reducing drive by shootings, according to the Honduras National Police.

The National Congress received a report from Police in which it is stated that the crimes were down, after the motorcycle ban was implemented to only allow a man and a woman or a child under 12 years. The decree took effect on December 14, 2011, and after approval, Congress promised to extend it depending on if the results demonstrated it to be effective.

When the law was passed, Congress tried to allow only one person on board a motorcycle, but backed off because the next day President Porfirio Lobo Sosa said they had to allow an additional woman or a minor. Since last December, police increased operations on boulevards substantially to enforce the law. One point that often extends operations is that many motorcycles do not carry a license plate due to the current backlog for issuing and manufacturing license plates by the Department of Revenue (DEI).

During the past six months, the police seized more than 200 motorcycles for breach of the provision. The police are making arrangements to give to the motorcycles back to the legal owners without fines. The departments which circulate the most motorcycles are Francisco Morazan, Cortes, Atlantida and Yoro. 

Registered Motorcycles in Popular Departments: 261,775


Francisco Morazán 99,834
Cortés 73,240
Atlántida 17,455
Yoro 10,691.
Comayagua 10,390
El Paraíso 8,644
Colón 7,379
Olancho 6,825
Choluteca 6,230
Copán 5,388
Santa Bárbara 3,423
No Address 385

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