Honduras North Coast hit by Sea Twister

Yesterday August 30th 2012, at approximately 4:30 PM a powerful sea twister formed on the North Coast of Honduras causing strong winds and torrential rains near the city of La Ceiba. Damage to La Ceiba was recorded throughout the downtown area which included blown off roof tops, fallen trees and electrical poles as well as flooding. The effects were felt as far away as Trujillo but no damage was reported to the Bay Islands.
La Ceiba Honduras Sea Twister
On what was a normal day with the sun shinning, very quickly and without warning residents of the town of La Ceiba were hiding in garages and unplugging their electrical appliances in their home. A sea twister could be seen in the ocean heading towards the downtown area. Zinc from the municipal soccer stadium blew off without hurting anyone. Various sheets of zinc that were in place to protect the central park during renovation were knocked down onto the street. Trees and branches began to fall and damage to electrical lines throughout the area was left in its path. In one incident a transformer fell to the ground on a busy street downtown which left thousands of electrical volts dangling dangerously. This was promptly attended to by the fire department as well as the state run electrical company ENEE; averting a potential disaster.

As of this report there have been no deaths or serious injuries reported however there are possible missing people. One such case is a local fisherman whose family was in contact when the cyclone in the sea cam in and he disappeared. Emergency team were forced to suspend the search and rescue operation due to the instability of the climate however they have resumed their operations early this morning.

At this point it is clean up time and the re-establishment of electrical and water services to the area. We will keep you posted with the latest throughout the day.

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