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Honduras Political Analyst O Ma R Jr. joins the Honduras.com team to cover the 2012 – 2013 Honduran Elections

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Honduras President Lobo accuses the Supreme Court and Honduran Media Magnate, Jorge Canahuati Larach – President La Presnsa and El Heraldo Newspapers; of Being Enemies of the State and Preparing a State Coup!

Honduras.com brings back O Ma R !!! Well sorta, introducing O Ma R Jr. our very own Honduras Political Analyst. Back in the late 90’s O Ma R documented the political process and people in Honduras. O Ma R also correctly predicted Ricardo Maduro to win the Presidential Election after the tragic untimely death of Dr. Cesar Castellanos http://www.honduras.com/fantasy-politics-gallup-poll-results-honduras-com-fantasy-politics-commentary-and-predictions-are-right-on-target/

O Ma R also predicted the possibility of a coup in Honduras way back in the late 90’s and incredibly enough it involved all the same “characters” be sure to take time and read the handful of articles that have accurately predicted our current political environment here in Honduras. Circa 1998 http://www.honduras.com/fantasy-politics-history-of-former-freely-elected-honduras-presidents-potential-wannabes-and-winner-prediction/

Today O Ma R Jr. begins coverage of the 2012 – 2013 quest for the Honduras Presidency, pleas follow along and enjoy the entertaining “twist” Honduras.com adds to the facts of life in Honduras Politcs and see if we can all get it right again and predict who the next Honduran President will be.


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