Honduras vs Panama

Honduras Seleccion New Joma shirts for 2012

Honduras Seleccion New Joma shirts for 2012

Honduras vs. Panama 2012 World Cup 2014 Brazil Qualification soccer match.

Live updates of the Honduras vs Panama soccer game Friday October 12th, 2012 at 8:00 PM local Honduran time ( 10:00 PM New York Time)

Game Over
Honduras 0 – Panama 0
90 minutes into the game still tied 0 – 0 3 minutes of extra time awarded

The Honduras National Soccer team begins practice on Monday October 1st in preparation for their extremely important match vs Panama which they must win in order to stay alive in the quest to qualify for the 2014 Brazil World cup. The Catrachos must win vs Panama and vs Canada on the Tuesday the 16th of October 2012. Read more at

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Results of last match vs Panama: Honduras failed to win their soccer match at home Friday night June 8, 2012 in the opening of the 3rd phase of the Concacaf eliminations towards the Brasil World Cup 2014.

Fan reactions were of disappointment as well as critical of the team. Below are just a few fan reactions:

“The game shows evidence of many deficiencies in football skills”
“Team did not take advantage of the homefield”
“The best players were Noel and Boniek”
“when you go to the stadium to watch the Seleccion the last we need is to lose leet alone that we were put to shame”
“awful game; but no matter, we must forge ahead. There is a lot missing from this team”
“We lost on our own field!!!! What a shame!”
“We have no leader on the field”
“Noel Valladares was the only one who deserves merit, The rest of the team… well no comment”

Updated standings following tonights game:


  • 3 Points




  • 0 Points



Better luck next game!

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Honduras vs Canada

Tuesday June 12th 2012 at 7:45PM EDT right here live on HondurasNews.com


As you can see by fan reactions it is back to the drawing board for the Honduras Seleccion.
Better luck next time Seleccion.

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Honduras will play Panama Friday night June 8, 2012 in the opening of the 3rd phase of the Concacaf eliminations towards the Brasil World Cup 2014. This game is a key to the motivation of not just the Team and players but the tremendous fan support the Honduras Seleccion receives around the world. Hondurans all over the world will be glued to the TV Friday Night. For those within the Country of Honduras that are unable to be near a TV during the game, all you need to do is “listen to the surroundings” as is customary whenever something “good” or “bad” happens in a big soccer match the sound of Cheers and Frowns along with fireworks ricochet throughout the entire country.

The Panamanian team arrived in San Pedro Sula last night. The Panamanian team had originally said they would not make any statements to the Press; however at the last minute they changed their mind and stated that they “know how important it is to win this game and believe they can win it”. The Panama delegation confirmed that they will play with two forwards, however; the participation of their star player Gabriel Gómez will not be known until the last minute due to his injury status. Panama is ranked #46 , the third best in the FIFA rankings behind Mexico (19) and USA (28) so expectations from Panamanian fans is at an all time high. Honduras currently FIFA ranks at number 55.

The game will be officiated by referees from Mexico led by Roberto García Orozco who holds the “Golden Ball” award from FIFA for the 2011 season. Honduras and Panama are part of Concacaf Group C which is also comprised of Canada and Cuba. Group  A is comprised of USA, Jamaica, Guatemala y Antigua y Barbuda; while Group B, is made up of México, Costa Rica, El Salvador and Guyana.

Good luck to the Seleccion Catracha!


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