Impossible Interview with Honduras Murder Suspect

Yesterday afternoon, Dutch crime journalist Peter R. de Vries and a colleague, Chantal van Schuylenburch were arrested in the Australian city of Perth for attempting to talk with murder suspect Dan Ross, who is wanted by Interpol for questioning about his role in the death of a Dutch woman vacationing in Honduras, Mariska Mast.

Mariska Mast

Dan Ross is staying at a house in the inner-city suburb of Subiaco, in Australia, police said. De Vries had traveled to Australia last week as part of an investigation into the death of the 23-year-old Mariska Mast from Hoorn. The prime suspect in this case is the 31-year-old Australian, Dan Ross. The Dutch authorities submitted a request to justice in Australia for Ross to be heard in this case, but the request has not been honored by the Australian authorities.

De Vries attempted to contact the suspect at his house, and asked to talk to Ross on several occasions, with no luck. De Vries then tried to hand a letter to Dan Ross, but Mr. Ross called the police. The Western Australia Police officers arrived on site, and demanded De Vries and his colleagues exit the premises. When they did not, both were arrested. The pair refused to sign for bail, and will remain in custody until their expected court appearance at Perth Magistrates Court on Saturday.

Mariska Mast was a 23-year-old Dutch woman who died on holiday in Roatan, Honduras in August of 2008. She went out on the evening of August 21st, and later was invited and entered the apartment the suspect, Dan Ross. Mr. Ross was working as a diving instructor on the island. What exactly happened that night remains a mystery. Ross and a roommate, Korean Han Jisoo, the next morning brought a dead Mariska Mast to a local hospital.

Ross was arrested, but after one week, was released with the instructions he was not to leave the island. Mr. Ross surrendered his British passport; but what the local authorities at that time did not know, was that Ross had dual citizenship and therefore, was an Australian passport holder as well. Ross used his Australian passport the day after his release, and fled Honduras.

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