Land Donated by the Honduran Government for Flood Victims

The Central District Municipality announced there will be land donated by the Honduran government for flood victims in order to build approximately 33 homes for the same number of families living at high risk in the area known as “The Jucos” in the neighborhood of Morazán. The measure was unanimously approved at a meeting of the Municipal Corporation to give people living in the area a decent home in a place where there is no risk of flooding or landslides.

Land Donated by Honduran Government for Flood Victims

Flood Victims Attempting to Retrieve Belongings

This follows the decision of the Municipal Corporation to restrict the use of property where people tend to build along the banks of the Orejona river, more specifically in the area of The Jucos, which is where the biggest problem exists.
Once the property is granted it, will be the central government, led by President Porfirio Lobo Sosa, who will be responsible for the short-term building of these homes, creating a significant change for these people who live at constant risk.

Vice Mayor Juan Diego Zelaya said that the location of the donated property could be in Altos de la Laguna or on the way to Danlí and Olancho, wherever the best place would be to help these families, who will pay nothing for the land and their house.

In the meantime, Central District Mayor Ricardo Alvarez said they had coordinated actions through the Municipal Emergency Committee (Codem) to handle emergencies and respond to the victims of heavy downpours and floods from the rains last week. Regarding specifically the area known as The Jucos, the mayor recalled that there had been prevention work taking place; however, they were required to seek funding for a major investment to ensure reduced vulnerability for the residents of the area. The mayor emphasized that though the issue of vulnerability is very sensitive in many cities, especially in Tegucigalpa and Comayagüela, they have taken the necessary action; however, it requires that people engage in actions that directly benefit the community.

Meanwhile, the manager of Codem, Luis Urrutia, explained that six crews have been working since the emergency to immediately house 20 adults and six children in the Manuel Soto school in the Morazán neighborhood. Persons concerned were given food, mattresses, blankets, medicines and personal cleaning products, said the manager, who reported that for such emergencies they have the support of the World Food Programme (WFP). Moreover, with the support of micro-enterprises, and heavy machinery, they proceeded to clean the damaged areas, including falling walls, flooded houses, housing collapses and the disruption of vehicular traffic on several boulevards.

Urrutia clarified that the official start of the rainy season is scheduled for May 15th, however, it apparently began early this year, with the recent downpours, lightening, and enormous accumulation of clouds in the atmosphere. Honduras is one of the most vulnerable countries in Central America, which is why you should be alert and take preventive measures and responde immediately to prevent the loss of life, he said.

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