Organized Crime in Honduras Abusing Women

According to a study being conducted by UNAH (National Autonomous University of Honduras) Psychiatrist Dr. Bismark Espinoza Organized Crime in Honduras has been increasingly abusing the women of the state.

They are used as objects or property. They are treated as simple instruments that are discarded when they no longer are needed. Women are thus seen by members of organized crime and gangs such as the M 18 (MARA).

According to the analysis done by the Dr. Bismarck Espinosa, women are used by these types of men and when they tire of them they dispose of the women and in the most serious of cases they have them murdered.UNAH Medicine Science Division

They degrade them, they see them as one thing, as an instrument, as a rag while it usable, but when it is no longer usable they disposed of them.

The female role in the gang is to be romantically involved as well as be used to move weapons, drugs, money, messages and collect extortion taxes from businesses and buses as well as taxis; activities that have been on the rise at an alarming rate throughout Honduras in the past 3 years.

According to police sources, women are used by members of organised crime as bait and to satisfy their sexual needs. Once them they are no longer useful they are discarded.
Doctor Espinosa explained that women who walk with this type of men are usually young people from 15 to 25 years of age who have economic constraints.

“They are dazzled with what it can offer to them.” The gangs give them a monthly allowance for expenses, cars, jewelry, designer clothes and everything that they want. “At that age there’s excitement and in rare cases do they fall for these men”

He pointed out that they handle a variety of information and in order to protect themselves from any disclosure or risk sooner or later they kill them.

“When they are found dead, tied up and cuffed these women are linked to organized crime and drug trafficking and they are killed because they were traversed, or because they were romantically linked with them, as well as witnesses to the variety of Organized Crime activities in their daily life.” “For this type of man, they are just simple instruments”.

Isbela Orellana, Sociologist at the UNAH-VS (San Pedro Sula division of the National Autonomous University of Honduras), explained that young women are prey of the demands of society.

“Every day women demand more.” “The latest Fashion, well dressed with the latest shoes and purses; a good car and telephone, manicures and styled hair, but that requires resources”.

However with wages that they earn they can not is cannot meet these requirements, which leads them to be easy prey for organized criminal groups.

“If society demands it and there are no resources to meet these demands, they turn to illicit activities.”

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