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Honduras Cell Phone

Last day to register your Honduras Cell Phone

Today is the last day to register your Cell phone in Honduras. Congress passed a law requiring all cell phones to be registered with the owners proper identification information in order to help combat crime. The new law which goes into full effect as of midnight today will assist law enforcement identification of those who use cell phones during criminal activity.

The law was passed over a year ago, however in a country with over 9 million cell phones and difficult to get to places, many users had not registered their phones as recent as two months ago. After what congress said was “your last chance” the number of registered phones now exceeds the 93% mark thanks to a modification to the law allowing online registration as well as users deciding that it “REALLY” is going to happen.

Those who do not register their phone will have service disconnected at midnight tonight. They will then have 60 days to appear in person at an authorized agent in order to re-activate the phone. If you have an unregistered cell phone from Tigo, Claro or Digicell you may follow the links below to get your cell phone registered.

So get with it and don’t lose your service as well as any prepaid phone minutes.
Tigo Cell Phone Registration
Note: You will be asked to enter your cell phone number; once you do, Tigo will instantly send you a pin# in a text message which you must then enter to proceed filling out the required identification and home address and phone number. If you do not have a Hondutel home number to enter you will need to go into an authorized agent to continue the process of registering your device. As a reward; Tigo will grant you an hour of free Internet access or 5 minutes of call time.

Claro and Digicell Cell Phone Registration

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