Second Boat Missing Between Roatan – Utila in the Bay Islands

The persons aboard the Gypsy Moth have been located, and are safe in Cayos Cochinos.
The national police reported that the search intensified, and the four foreigners were found, but authorities continue to search for the eight people missing who were aboard another vessel.



Today it was reported that a second boat disappeared between Roatan and Utila Bay Islands, Honduras this past weekend.

Police Search for Missing Boats in the Bay Islands

Police Search for Missing Boats in the Bay Islands

The first report of a boat missing between Utila – Roatan in the Bay Islands of Honduras was disturbing enough, and now COPECO releases information that a second boat is missing from the same location.

Aboard the “Gypsy Moth”, a 24-foot sailboat, were the owners Frazer and Allister Halliday of South Africa, Kate Brabant of New Zealand, and Susana Beatriz Grassi, of Argentina. The boat left Utila on Friday June 28th, and was to return on Sunday, the 30th to the Port of Utila. The Gypsy Moth has not reported in with any of the Port captains.

The Deputy Commissioner of COPECO reported that searches have been intensified by air, sea and land. Planes and boats around the three islands are covering the area from North of Guanaja to the Bay of Puerto Cortes.

Weather conditions in the Caribbean Bay Islands were not unusual this past weekend, puzzling authorities, friends and families of the missing persons.

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