Suspects in the murder of Journalist Alfredo Villatoro fear for their life

body-of-alfredo-villatoro-found-in cobra-uniform

The body of Journalist Alfredo Villatorio was found with a red blindfold and dressed in a Hondura Police Elite Squadron "COBRAS" uniform, presumably to send a message to police.

Investigations into the kidnapping and subsequent murder of the Honduran HRN Journalist Alfredo Villatoro, has led to multiple arrests – all members of a band for hire. Those arrested now claim they fear for their life, as the intellectual authors of the crime who hired them to assassinate Villatorio may attempt to eliminate them.

The District Attorney’s office has released a warrant for the arrest of a suspect they believe to be the “link” between the hired band,and those who hired them. Police now report that the captured band was hired to kill Villatorio; however after kidnapping the journalist, they decided to call and request a 2 million lempira ransom in order to profit even more from this unfortunate act. After investigators got too close to them, they proceeded to carry out the original mission they were hired for, and assassinated Alfredo Villatorio, after dressing him a uniform of the elite COBRA police forces as instructed by those who hired them. Investigators believe that the act of dressing him in the COBRA uniform was a “message” to police.

Police investigators say they have more leads in the case and are on the heals of requesting more warrants from the Honduras District Attorney.  The District Attorney stated that the investigations are proceeding in a positive fashion, and to not be surprised if there are more arrests in the case in the near future..

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