USA Invest 1.3 million Dollars to Improve Criminal Investigations in Honduras


United States Ambassador to Honduras – Lisa Kubiske

The U.S. ambassador in Honduras, Lisa Kubiske, signed yesterday with President Porfirio Lobo, an agreement for the disbursement of $ 1.3 million (about 25.4 million lempiras) to support the capacity of criminal investigation in Honduras.
This expenditure comes from the 50 million dollars (about 978.5 million lempiras) adopted by the United States for Honduras through the Regional Security Initiative for Central America (CARSI) for the fiscal period of October 2011 to September 2012. Kubiske said the funds will be used immediately to end the cycle of impunity by improving the capabilities of the Government of Honduras toward the investigation of crimes.

“These funds are from the period beginning in October 2011 and ends in September this year, a total of $50 million, which will serve for training, professionalization, improve training, and research capacity.” She clarified that they are not the only resources for the country, stating it is “less than half of what we offer, because we recognize that the issue of economic development, and responding to emergencies in natural disasters, and health are important.”

She recalled that apart from the funds for security, this year the USA approved $56 million for various areas of economic and social development in Honduras.

For his part, President Lobo Sosa said “this contribution is to help address what is damaging our society, and especially to help in prevention, which is the true essence of the solution to problems affecting the country.” He said the initiative of CARSI includes prevention programs supporting initiatives such as the Committee to Support the Police in Cofradia, Cortes, whose methodology was presented yesterday by the Cabinet by the Presidential Commissioner of the Valley of Sula, Mario Leonel Ayala, and the National Police Officer, Joseph Daniel Knight.

This program includes community patrols, permanent public support in reporting suspicious situations, which has enabled dramatically lower crime rates in the area.

$101 million (about 1,976 million lempiras) was allocated by the U.S.A. this year to Central America in the framework of the CARSI.

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