Hondurans Celebrate La Virgen de Suyapa

The village of Suyapa, a suburb of Tegucigalpa, Honduras has been alive with national and foreign tourists who began arriving in January for “Feria de la Virgen de Suyapa”. The fair experience involves ‘typical’ meals, rides, and Honduran vendors peddling handmade goods including clothing, shoes, and symbols of the Catholic faith, treasured by local believers.

Visitors in 2012 have complained about the lack of security, unlike in 2010, when there was no lack of security at The Fair of Our Lady Suyapa.

As is tradition, the Armed Forces of Honduras on Monday paid tribute to the declared General Captain of the Honduran Armed Forces, “La Virgen de Suyapa”. The Virgin of Suyapa was declared Captain General of the Armed Forces of Honduras in 1969. President Porfirio Lobo Sosa and the First Lady, Rosa Elena Bonilla, attended the service, held at the ‘Basílica de Suyapa’ and conducted by father Víctor Ruiz.

The Feast of the Virgin of Suyapa will be held tommorrow, February 3, 2012, when the fair typically reaches its religious fervor. This is the official day of the patron saint of Honduras as recognized by the Catholic church. The Virgin of Suyapa is also the patron saint of Central America (since 1982), and thousands of Central Americans will attend a mass tomorrow, held at the Basílica de Suyapa, the church built in her name and dedicated to the Virgin of Suyapa. Read more about the story of Our Lady of Suyapa at Honduras.com.

Other names given Our Lady of Suyapa:

The Dear Dark One (La Morenita)
The Virgin of Suyapa
Saint Mary of the Conception
Patroness of Honduras and all of Central America
Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces

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