Access to Internet Increasing Nationwide

With the inauguration of Internet del Pueblo in two schools in Marcala, La Paz, there are already 2,000 schools that have managed to get coverage.

This turns Honduras into “the country in Central America that is on the vanguard of Internet access in schools” according to Juan Orlando.

This benefits some 700,000 students in 17 departments and enables internet access to 1,000,000 people in public parks.

The government provides this service to 30 Infop centers (National Institute for Professional Formation). This includes connectivity too 3,000 sites nationally and in two years it costs 17 million dollars. “With access to the Internet del Pueblo we are committing an act of social justice, for the poorest people by reducing the digital access gap in the country.” Said the president.

Hernandez also stated that 2,000 isn’t the goal, 3,000 and all 18 departments is. With the inclusion of Gracias a Dios, there will be access in all 18 departments.

Hernandez also indicated that there are more phases to come, with the next one being to establish a more developed alliance with the cellphone companies to standardize the connections that exist between the schools, for the benefit of the students in the public sector.

There is also a plan to connect the Cafe and Lenca Routes, and work to expand tourism along these lines, especially in La Paz. “Honduras will be the country at the forefront of tourism.” Says an ambitious Hernandez.

Hernandez at the inauguration itself.

Hernandez at the inauguration itself.

Improving internet access in the modern world is absolutely necessary for a country to increase the individual power of each citizen. The Internet is the tool which has the power to render individuals equal, from the richest to the poorest. The Internet when used properly, and regularly, has the power to grant opportunities to citizens. In order to empower the people, in this day and age internet access must be something everyone has. This is an excellent goal and one that will do a lot to help Honduras progress over the next few years.

The government’s role in ensuring internet access is freely given to as many people as possible is a genuinely positive move that will allow people all over Honduras, of all social classes to know more about the world around them and to freely continue receiving their education, in addition to gaining the ability to inform themselves about events in Honduras and abroad due to free digital newspapers. It is pleasant to witness genuinely positive moves by the government and by the private sector to help make Honduras a bit more interconnected.

*Aside from the two last paragraphs this is a translation of a La Prensa article. The original article can be found at: and if there are any questions, feel free to leave them down below.”

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