Accused Murderer of Journalist Caught

Marcos Joel Álvarez Barahona, aka “the Unicorn” was arrested by National Police while trying to leave the country. Álvarez Barahona is a member of the Mara Salvatrucha, and believed to be one of those responsible for killing the Ceibeño journalist, David Meza Montecinos.

The suspect was apprehended at the police post on the southern exit of La Ceiba, where he was being transported by ambulance. The ambulance belonged to the Fire Department of the municipality of Tela in Atlántida.

According to the Director General of the National Police, José Luís Muñoz Licona, their intelligence agencies warned of the intent of the alleged murderer to leave the country. Álvarez Barahona was bound for Grand Cayman they warned, and would try to mislead the security agencies by being transported in the ambulance as a patient.

Seven people were arrested during the operation, including Wilmer Alexis Márquez (36), Noel Ezequiel Almendarez Enriquez (27), Roberto Carlos Hernández Montoya (30), Wendy Yadira Kewsen, and Cintia Karina Velasquez, who were traveling in two vehicles, presumably guarding the fugitive from justice. Others implicated are firemen Daniel Mayen Inestroza and Edgardo Álvarez Ramos, in charge of moving Álvarez Barahona.

“Under the cot used by the alleged killer, they found two nine-millimeter caliber firearms and four boots ready to wear,” said the Director General, Muñoz Licona.

The evidence and people arrested are being kept under police guard at the headquarters in La Ceiba, Department of Atlantida.

The journalist David Meza Montecinos was killed March 11th while traveling by car to his residence in the city of La Ceiba.

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