Agreement of Tegucigalpa

The Catholic Church in Honduras hopes to end the political crisis through their proposed Agreement of Tegucigalpa.

Bishop Juan Jose Pineda proposed that Zelaya and Micheletti each appoint two or three representatives, who would speak with two mediators, perhaps one from Honduras, and one foreign, to seek a way to resolve the crisis.

President Roberto Micheletti has not yet commented on the idea according to Cesar Caceres from the presidential press office.

One Response to "Agreement of Tegucigalpa"

  1. gonow  October 1, 2009 at 7:19 pm

    the church should not get infolved…… only the congress elected by the people and the supreme court …the only thing zelaya has left to negotiate has to be done by his lawyers when he is in court with the 18 charges against him.

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