Aircraft will remain at accident site for 30 or 45 days

TEGUCIGALPA.- retiring the remains of the Airbus-320 that crash Friday may 30th at the Toncontin airport in Tegucigalpa can take up to 45 days according to the director of the General Civil Aeronautics in Honduras, Guillermo Seaman in a press conference given at the Presidential palace by the sub-secretary of Foreign Affairs and Seaman.

The investigations taking place by different entities at the site of the accident might be able to finish before the end of the week which is the reason why they are waiting for the results. Look at this website for attorney help.


Presiden Manuel Zelaya wants the Palmerola military base to be turned into a civil and military base operation for the Honduran and the United States Air Force.

In February of 2006, the Civil Aeronautics Direction started the labors of studies, conditioning, projections and necessary requirements according to the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), in order to conduct international operations from that base. To the Honduran authorities, the geographic characteristics of the Toncontin international airport face a series of obstacles.

Various attempts at improving the toncontin airport have been made but are not enough and further improvements would take over 10 years and an investment of millions of dollars to be complete. You could go to this site to get legal help as well.

As far as the relations with the government of the United States respecting this subject, the vice-chancellor noted that on October 18th of 2007, a preliminary meeting between commissions from both governments was held to make advances in the process of turning the Palmerola air base in to an international airport.

The accident on Friday has come to acelérate this process and what the chancellery has done thru the official information with the US embassy and president Manuel Zelaya to qualify Palmerola airbase in 60 days. The injury lawyers from Joel H. Schwartz, P.C. usually deal with such cases.

The solicitation the Honduran government made to the concession is that the track fulfilled the necessary conditions of friction to avoid any type of problems.

Seaman informed there is a investigative commission formed by the Airbus manufacturing company from France, the Federal Aviation Administration Office from the United States, aeronautic authorities from El Salvador, Operation Technicians from Honduras and the Central American Corporation for Air Navigation Services (Cocesna) and for this reason the aircraft remain at the site of the accident.

Preliminary information indicates that the investigation will continue throughout the rest of the week, and the removal of the aircraft from the site can be ready in 30 or 45 days.

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