Alfredo Landaverde Gunned Down

Alfredo Landaverde, a widely respected and outspoken former government adviser, was murdered in transit yesterday in the city of Tegucigalpa. His wife was seriously wounded, and transported to the hospital.

Pompeyo Bonilla, the Security Minister, said that they are doing everything possible to investigate the cruel murder of Alfredo Landaverde, and the other events that have occurred lately, and announced that they already have international help.

President Porfirio Lobo interrupted his speech at a public event to lament the murder of Landaverde, describing the deceased as “a great Honduran.” Vowing a thorough investigation of the murder, Lobo said he would continue his struggle to improve public safety.

Hilda Caldera, the now widow of Landaverde, is indignant over the murder of her husband, and stated that there is no one she trusts to properly handle the investigation. She plans to approach the American Embassy to ask for their collaboration in solving the crime.

She explained that Alfredo Landaverde had a great love for his homeland, and was depressed with what is happening; particularly, in the case of the murder of General Aristides Gonzales, whose crime remains unpunished after two years. Mrs. Landaverde expressed that she has always shared the love for Honduras with her husband, because this is a wonderful country, and it does not deserve what is happening.

Alfredo Landaverde’s brother, Moises Landaverde, was a teacher who was also gunned down in January of 1988.

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