Amapala May Benefit from Inter-Oceanic Railway

The President, Porfirio Lobo Sosa, and a representative of the English consortium, K GROUP INC., Salim Khaireddine, signed, in the Council of Ministers, a memorandum of understanding to conduct feasibility studies for an inter-oceanic railway project in the country, covering the corridor between Amapala in the Pacific, and Puerto Castilla in the Caribbean.

The railroad would provide for the Port of Castilla to connect with Amapala. This could lead to bringing large vessels to the area, generating a substantial increase in imports and exports, and generating employment.

The Presidential Commissioner for Project Management, Mauro Membreño, said the signing of the agreement with the British firm will help President Lobo Sosa’s Government’s policy to dream about the development of Honduras…continue Amapala news article here.

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