Arias to Meet with President Lobo

The president of Costa Rica, Oscar Arias, is paying an official visit to President Porfirio Lobo, in a demonstration of the normalization of relations between both countries.

Arias, will turn over his presidency to Laura Chinchilla on May 8th, and today will be meeting with President Lobo in the presidential palace.

The agenda of items to be discussed by the leaders has not been disclosed. Political sources believe that this visit will be a show of support for the rest of the Central American countries to approve the return of Honduras to the Central American Integration System (SICA).

It is hoped that a decision will be announced next Saturday in San Jose, Costa Rica, as part of the inauguration of President-elect Chinchilla.

Arias was the first Central American president to recognize the results of the Honduran elections last November and has since urged the international community to do likewise.

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