Arrests Taking Place in Colón

Members of the National Police and Armed Forces last week began arresting people in the Lower Aguán region of the Department of Colón for carrying illegal weapons.

President Porfirio Lobo Sosa reported yesterday, that they have found groups being trained in the use of arms there, and caches of weapons which could be responsible for the killing of roughly 20 farmers in recent months.

“Many people are being trained for armed struggle, so we began a massive operation that will last as long as necessary until we have all the weapons, and put an end to the deaths that have taken place in recent months,” stated President Lobo.

According to the President, the director of the National Agrarian Institute (INA), Cesar Ham, was unaware of this operation because the work to be done at this time is not of an administrative nature. There are groups who are being trained to generate crisis in the area. Security Secretary, Oscar Álvarez, was aware of the operation, as the President believes this is a task for intelligence and special operations – To put an end to such a loss of life due to conflict over land in the northern sector of the country.

The president said that there are about a thousand weapons, AKA-47s and other high caliber rifles circulating in the Aguán region; they suspect that there are even heavier arms.

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