Arrests Made in Aristides Case

The National Police in coordination with the Directorate of Drug Trafficking (DLCN) held a number of operations this morning in Tegucigalpa, on the trail of the murderers of the retired colonel, Julian Aristides Gonzalez.

About 6:00 am the commissioner in charge, Kenelle Sabillon, coordinated with at least 15 officers and technicians from the National Crime Squad, police cobras, and various persons working with DLCN trained dogs in an exhaustive search for suspects in the crime against the “Czar” of the fight against drug trafficking, a stubborn man, who stood firmly against the death threats he received for more than six years.

Colonel Julian Aristides Gonzalez was killed on December 8th, by two gunmen on a blue motorcycle, when he was heading to his office.

During the raids, the police found in a home in Colonia La Esperanza, a motorcycle fitting the description of the kind the gunmen used and several masks. Three people including two women, were arrested. Their names are unknown.

Commissioner Sabillon told the national press they already have leads to other participants within the country, and that the operations will not end until they find the perpetrators of the crime.

One Response to "Arrests Made in Aristides Case"

  1. Axel Reyes Bogran  December 23, 2009 at 10:22 am

    It is an unfortunate thing that anybody would be killed for doing the right thing, to fight crime.

    And I definetlly hope that Aristides replacement will realize the need for better protection.

    The NarcoTrafickers are a group of criminals that are very difficult to deal with since they have no problem killing people that oposse their interests.

    Honduras should not be a heaven for criminals, it is easy to make money by doing the right thing also, maybe not as easy, but narco money is not taxed either, so the country looses on many fronts, do not forget that the gangs known as “Maras” are in many instances funded by the Narcos.

    Good bye Mr. Aristides, Honduras thank you for your sacrifice, blessings to your family, and hopefully your death will not be wasted sacrifice.

    We must capture the killers, yes, but as in the USA, the ones that gave the orders should be considered just as guilty and be prosecuted accordingly.

    Maybe Pepe Lobo’s believe in the need od the death penalty in Honduras is not so far off the mark.

    Crime is simply too much in Honduras, it keeps away many Tourists and Hondurans that live abroad and want to visit.

    That reduces the capabilities of the country to raise the standards of living of the people that live there.

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