Attorney General Files Against Military Commanders

The Attorney General of the Republic of Honduras, Luis Alberto Rubi, filed an indictment this afternoon against commanders for abuse of authority and the illegal expatriation of former President Manuel Zelaya.

Rubi submitted to the Supreme Court to deliver a tax injunction against the generals Romeo Vasquez Velasquez, Chief of Joint Staff of the Armed Forces, Cervantes Venancio, Commander of the Honduran Air Force, and Luis Javier Prince, Commander of the Navy, for having shipped the deposed president to Costa Rica.

Colonel Ramiro Archaga, spokesman of the Armed Forces of Honduras, told Radio America that General Romeo Vasquez had already issued instructions to call lawyers, more details of which is published here, and members of the institution to form a team that will be responsible for defending the commanders.

He stated that like citizens, the military also faces different types of situations that “at some point can be questioned by some, perhaps not by all, and we must be prepared for this type of legal action,” said Archaga.

This springs from the incident on June 28th, when after serving the arrest warrant issued by the courts in Tegucigalpa against citizen Jose Manuel Zelaya for violations of the Constitution of Honduras, the Armed Forces of Honduras moved the former president to San Jose, Costa Rica.

2 Responses to "Attorney General Files Against Military Commanders"

  1. Axel Reyes Bogran  January 7, 2010 at 7:40 am

    Looks as if Zelaya won after all.

    The new President, “Pepe” Lobo wants to give him amnesty, and the courts want to indict the people that helped avoid a blood bath by so wiselly evicting Zelaya.

    Honduras seems to be being affected by that same disease that has infected much of the World we live in today, the one that rules with nonsense and where everything is upside down.

    To any one paying attention for the last 5 or 6 months, it would be easy to see that the Honduran people made it very clear that they were displeased with Zelaya’s behaviour and his intent to sell our country to Venezuela, which hw was going to do as long as he was allowed by Chavez to stay in command for as long as he wanted (for life a la Castro?).

    Why is Pepe Lobo having so much dificulty settling this issue.

    The elections and subsequent new presidency were to end the “Political Crisis”, instead the USA is still attacking Micheletti, and Lobo is allowing and even helping, thus continiuing the crisis.

    Let us punnish the guilty and not the Heroes.

    Pepe Lobo has an exceptional oportunity to show that his ‘’ are at least as big as Micheletti’s, I hope he does not waste it.

  2. miraclemant  January 6, 2010 at 5:51 pm

    The thugs of z’liar will never quit trying to make Honduras look bad.

    I pray the Supreme court will step in and put this where is belongs…….. in the trash can!!!

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