News from Roatan

We live in Sandy Bay on Roatan and have damage to our two houses – mostly concrete cracks and lots of drywall cracks, especially around the wall/ceiling lines around the outside walls. We lost bathroom tile in the shower located on an outside wall of the upstairs bath. The toilet in this bathroom also cracked […]

Cardinal Rodriguez Speaks Out

The financial meltdown is a symptom of a deeply flawed economic system that should not be repaired but should be replaced by one that is based on justice and solidarity, said the president of Caritas Internationalis. “A world built on the globalization of greed and fear rather than the globalization of solidarity was never sustainable […]

When Art Goes Terribly Wrong

The Hirshhorn’s recent advertising campaign hails what I’ve been preaching all year: “Art Surrounds You.” A bus rolled by the other day with a billboard plastered to its side, proclaiming these words next to a cartoon depiction of a spiked dog collar. At least I’m on the right track, I thought. The Hirshhorn certainly understands […]

Melon Controversy Continues

The Honduran government says it has sent three top ministers to Washington to lobby against a U.S. decision to block its melon exports in the wake of a salmonella outbreak. Honduran President Manuel Zelaya says the ministers of agriculture, trade and health will meet with U.S. Food and Drug Administration officials to tell them about […]