Honduras Produces – Entrepreneur Exhibition

The Tegucigalpa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIT), announced a Honduran artists exhibition will be held this Thursday and Friday, the 17th and 18th of November, to support several small artistic entrepreneurs from various regions of Honduras. The exhibition is in the lobby of the CCIT. The CCIT authorities explained that “Honduras Produces” is a […]

Top Officials Removed from Posts and Replaced

The Minister of Security, Pompeo Bonilla, the top ranking official of the Security Forces of Honduras, announced from the presidential house, changes to the police hierarchy. Officials, including the National Director of the Police, and the Chief of the Investigative Police, were removed from office. The changes are effective immediately. These changes were made after […]

Flights to Grand Cayman from Honduras

Aerolineas Sosa, the domestic carrier based in La Ceiba, Honduras, has announced plans to fly three times a week to Owen Roberts International Airport in Grand Cayman. The flights are scheduled to depart Golosón International Airport in La Ceiba at 10am on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays, said Bob Connor, an agent for Aerolineas Sosa in […]

Appeal Rejected in Zelaya Case

Honduras’ Supreme Court has rejected a prosecution appeal against a court ruling that dismissed the last two remaining charges against former President Manuel Zelaya. The Supreme Court on Wednesday upheld the special court’s decision, which removed a key obstacle to both Zelaya’s return to Honduras, and Honduras’ readmission to the Organization of American States. Zelaya […]