Medical Residents Protesting Unfulfilled Agreement

Medical Residents Protesting Unfulfilled Agreement

Medical residents are expected to be absent today in protest of the government authorities not complying with the recently signed agreement between the two sides. “The decision was taken because three months have passed since the signing of the understanding with the governmental sector, and to date there are no results,” lamented Elvin Omar Videa, […]

Honduran Government Presents Scholarships

The Minister of the Presidency gave scholarships for academic excellence to children and youth with limited resources on Friday. Minister María Antonieta Guillén extended a helping hand to hundreds of children and youth of the Norberto Guillén basic center, located in the village of San Francisco, and within the municipality of San Marcos de Colon, […]

US District Judge Upholds Fees

Central Americans suing the United States will not be receiving refunds, thanks to the new United States Congress. Federal Judge Thelton Henderson in San Francisco had been considering refunds for hundreds of thousands of Central Americans, who were charged extra fees for years to stay in the United States, but Congress and President Obama changed […]

Mexico/Uruguay Support Zelaya

Uruguayan President Tabare Vazquez and his Mexican counterpart Felipe Calderon disavowed the current Honduran government in a joint declaration Friday. During their meeting in Montevideo, the two presidents issued a declaration stating that the Honduran “constitutional government is led by President Manuel Zelaya.” The declaration also expressed their refusal to recognize any government that resulted […]

Missionary in Honduras’ Viewpoint

Many of you have responded to my emails concerning what is going on here in our beloved Honduras. Thank you so much for your concern and prayers. As most of you know I have been here for over 13 years and have seen many things happen in Honduras. I know this country and its people […]