Puerto Cortes Closed

Honduras will temporarily shut down the Caribbean port of Puerto Cortes, where it ships 80 percent of its exports, after a large earthquake nearby on Thursday, the national port authority said. “There is damaged machinery and equipment,” Roberto Babum, head of Honduras’ port authority told local television. Puerto Cortes is the sea port for the […]

Zelaya Leadership Analysis

A misunderstood but honorable leader or an amiable varlet? Better known for bananas and “Chiquitaism” than political experimentation and new directions, big changes seem to be afoot in the small Central American republic of Honduras. Last August, President Manuel Zelaya Rosales astonished many at home and abroad by announcing his country’s entry into the Venezuelan-sponsored […]

Reaction to New Constitution

Honduras President Manuel Zelaya announced a decree calling for a referendum in which Hondurans will decide whether or not a National Constituent Assembly is convened to write and approve a new Constitution. The reasons provided by the President that such a referendum is needed are that there have been significant societal changes during the last […]

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