Analysis of Fourth Box

According to the Honduran Constitution, parliamentary representatives and mayors can run for re-election, but not Presidents. In fact, even proposing presidential re-election has been viewed as treason. The articles establishing a single term are considered to be carved in stone and not to be reformed for any reason… More at: Revista Envio

Central America Be On Guard

For a long time now, Hondurans who have been worried about their democracy and also worried about the way in which their President Manuel Zelaya is governing, see with mistrust and, more than this, with rejection, a projected constitutional reform, under this name or another, to allow the reelection of the president. Logically, not much […]

Dole and Chiquita Report

An earthquake early this morning, May 28th, off the coast of Honduras caused officials to close Puerto Cortes, the port handling about four-fifths of all exports, including bananas and coffee. Puerto Cortes is the sea port for the industrial area around the city of San Pedro Sula and handles the bulk of the Central American […]

Strike Ended

The Honduran government reached preliminary agreements with teachers, who had suspended classes for more than 50,000 students, demanding long overdue work benefits. The teachers ended a two-day strike yesterday, with the primary, secondary and high schools involved expected to return to normalcy. At the end of a meeting with President of the Republic, Manuel Zelaya, […]