Hurricane Rina Expected to Weaken

Hurricane Rina Expected to Weaken

The Bay Islands of Honduras are feeling the effects of Hurricane Rina; there is no damage to report. NHC’s latest advisory indicates they expect the Hurricane to weaken. The Mayor of Guanaja stated that, “There have been no reports of damages, but it is raining, and the winds are very strong; so, we have determined […]

Executions Outside San Pedro Sula Airport

A congested time of day at the Ramon Villeda Morales International Airport became even more chaotic yesterday evening when stray bullets from a nearby execution entered the passenger terminal. The airport was full of passengers and relatives there to receive or to leave their loved ones. According to witness accounts, people ducked down and attempted […]

Tornado Hits Honduras

More than 20 homes were significantly damaged in the village of La Huerta (located in the Municipality of Tutule) after a violent tornado touched down at four o’clock in the afternoon today. According to locals, the storm caught them by surprise. During the day they experienced intense heat, only to later find swirling air sweeping […]