Bishop Hopes for Presidency

Bishop Luis Alfonso Santos is hoping to run for president of Honduras. The Liberal Resistance Movement is collecting signatures to ask Pope Benedict XVI to authorize the retired “Red Bishop” to enter the political arena.

According to Bishop Santos, the Honduran State is about to disappear because it has become a “drug State”.

Santos worked for the poor in the Diocese of Copan, where he acted as bishop for 28 years for the western departments of Ocotepeque, Lempira, Intibuca, Santa Barbara, and Copan.

After transferring his post to Darwin Andino, Santos, who retired as emeritus bishop, will take care of people’s education in Lempira and Intibuca, while waiting for the papal dispensation to run for president in 2013.

If granted, Santos will compete with nearly a dozen candidates for the Liberal Party’s presidential nomination.

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