Breathalyzers Implemented in Honduras

Espanol - TeleProgreso News Article in SpanishHonduras will be implementing the latest in digital technology this holiday season through the use of breathalyzers configured to detect alcohol levels greater than 0.07 milligrams of alcohol per 100 milliliters of blood in the body.

Breathalyzers Implemented in HondurasThe novel device was presented during the opening of the “Safe Christmas” campaign this year, which aims to provide security at the national level by guiding the population into behaving appropriately during the Christmas festivities.

Juan Savillon, spokesman for the National Directorate of Traffic, reported that, “We began working with them this Christmas with operations on the national level to control inebriation through the latest generation of alcohol meters.”

With these new devices, the individual’s data is permanently recorded in the Transit datacenter.

“The breathalyzer has a record of up to 30,000 individuals. So, tomorrow, the person who has performed the breathalyzer test could not plead ignorance, or that the data was disturbed, since the record remains in the database. This device has its own printer, and data is digitally entered into the registry,” explained the official.

Savillon added that, “Practically nothing is allowed, so if you are going to be drinking, the prudent thing is that you name a driver so you can reach your home and share with your family.”

The National Directorate of Traffic reported that as a method of preventing car accidents, the new breathalyzers will also be implemented in the main cities of the country during Easter.

Honduras acquired 22 new devices that will be distributed throughout the major cities of Honduras, including Tegucigalpa,
San Pedro Sula, La Lima, Puerto Cortes, El Progresso, La Ceiba, Choluteca, Comayagua and Santa Rosa de Copan.

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