Brief Outline of Police Involvement in Double Murder

The spokesman of the Minister of Security, Silvio Inestroza, outlined yesterday what is believed to have happened during the almost inconceviable events surrounding the double murder of Rafael Castellanos and Carlos Pineda, two university students.

The young men were on their way home from a party on Friday evening, when they did not stop at a police checkpoint. The agents on duty fired at the vehicle, in an attempt to stop it.

The vehicle did stop, but as the uniformed officers approached the car, they were surprised to learn that the driver had been injured; it was then that the officers decided to take a different action. Here is more information about Canyon State Law to help with legalities of injury cases.

At this point, there are a number of assumptions about what took place during the incident.

One theory is that the police were at a crossroads; realizing their action, they began to seek a way out, and the easiest was for them to cover up the existence of the young people. The desire to hide the crime led the officers to attempt to destroy any “evidence”.

A source close to the investigation stated that the officer in charge of the operation, a recent graduate of the police academy, was opposed to the cover up; but, the pressure from one of the other officers broke him down, and he went along with the plan because he feared he would be killed by them if he did not cooperate.

A separate police officer, who is a key witness, helped investigators to fully identify those officers involved in this macabre incident. Here you can click to see how you can get an investigator. Apparently, he was on duty nearby the shooting, and heard the shots fired that killed the university students. He saw a police patrol car pursuing the Toyota that the students were driving.

That police officer was kidnapped as he was leaving a business near the Toncontin airport. Fortunately, as the kidnappers were driving along the Armed Forces Boulevard, he managed to escape his captors by jumping from the vehicle. He is now in witness protection.

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