British Tourist shot in Residential Neighborhood of San Pedro Sula, Honduras

Kaya Omer British Tourist shot in Honduras

British tourist shot fatally in a residential neighborhood in San Pedro Sula, Honduras while assailants robbed him of his Video Camera and fled the scene.

Around 11:00 AM on Tuesday January 15th 2013, a British tourist in San Pedro Sula ventured off the beaten path and into the neighborhood of Colonia Trejo in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. Kaya Omer (33) with British nationality was using his Video Camera when a Taxi approached and 3 assailants ( two male and one female ) approached him and demanded his video camera.

Apparently based on witness testimonies; Mr. Omer tried to run away but tripped on the sidewalk and continued to refuse giving up his video camera at which time one of the assailants drew a gun and shot him fatally in the neck then fled in the taxi.

He appears to have been alone as no one has so far shown up to report him missing at the San Pedro Sula Morgue where his body was taken. Further investigation reveals that he was not registered in any of the San Pedro Sula hotels frequented by tourist.

Mr Omer had a backpack which was found at the scene containing an iPad, iPhone, additional cameras and video equipment. His wallet was found with cash and credit cards. Police are still investigating this incident as well as looking into other possible motives for his being off the beaten path. We will update you with more on this story as it evolves. Mr. Omer’s belongings also included a return flight out of Honduras for next Friday.

San Pedro Sula is the industrial Capital of Honduras and is located in the northern region of Honduras.  The San Pedro Sula Airport “Ramon Villeda Morales” is one of the main international hubs for travel to Honduras. Tourist are advised to stay within populated tourist attractions when visiting San Pedro Sula as venturing off the beaten path in this city can be dangerous as is the case in this unfortunate and tragic event.


As one of our Facebook followers pointed out “Is the Beaten Path clearly marked?

Here is our response which we felt we should share with all of you:

Good Point Cathy, the “Beaten Path” is not clearly marked

Unfortunately over the past two years the city of San Pedro Sula due to its importance as a business hub and industrial center as well as its international airport has been target as a hub also for organized crime as well as petty crime in more ways than one and Travel Warnings to tourist have been issued by most if not all governments including the UK government; as well as on and on to stay out of non Tourism areas in this city.

Another important note as you travel throughout Honduras as in most places around the world as a tourist it is advisable  to not do so alone in areas where there are no other tourist present.

This is a tragic story and we hope that being more aware of your surroundings will help keep us all out of trouble in the current San Pedro Sula metro area conditions. Thank you for pointing this out Cathy.

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