Environmental Affairs Council Meets Tomorrow in Honduras

honduras cafta-drHonduras will be welcoming a meeting of the Environmental Affairs Council (EAC) of the CAFTA-DR tomorrow, April 12, 2012, in San Pedro Sula. Doctor Rigoberto Cuéllar Cruz, Secretary of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (SERNA), is the Environmental Affairs Council Member representing Honduras.

The EAC is comprised of cabinet-level or equivalent, government officials who meet annually to oversee implementation of, and review the progress of, CAFTA-DR, and to evaluate cooperative activities developed under the Environmental Cooperation Agreement. Unless otherwise agreed, each EAC meeting includes a session in which members have an opportunity to meet with the public to discuss matters relating to the implementation of the CAFTA-DR environmental component.

The media and public are invited to attend this open session of the meeting, being held from 2:30 pm to 4:00 pm, at the Hilton Princess Hotel, on 10th Street and Avenida Circunvalación. The open forum in the afternoon will be for participants to discuss the Council’s environmental obligations and suggest activities relating to CAFTA-DR. Those who wish to confirm their participation may do so with Ledy Pacheco, [email: PachecoLC@state.gov].

CAFTA-DR was signed by El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and the United States of America on May 24, 2004 in Washington, and three months later, the Dominican Republic joined as well.

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