Canahuati to Visit Other Countries for Investment

Mario Canahuati, a large manufacuturing plant owner, reported that he will be re-visiting other countries in the coming days in an attempt generate employment for Honduras. He intends to continue promoting the program, ‘Honduras Is Open For Business.’

“I return to doing it, because no one else is doing it, and the Government is definitely not doing it,” Canahuati said.

He stated that the Association of Manufacturers will visit companies and promote them to invest in the country. Canahuati said that they will explain the laws of employment, the tripartite agreement for minimum wage, the law to promote investment, the law on renewable energy, and investment laws for both public and private business, among others. They will also promote the new Education Act, which is expected to reduce crime rates in the country.

According to Canahuati, among the companies that they expect to come and invest in the country are those in manufacturing leather, garments, furniture and cars.

He concluded that the promotion will target more than 300 companies.

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