Caribbean Red Gold – Honduran Treasure

“According to legend, Honduras’ Caribbean coastline is littered with treasures from a time when Spanish galleons passed by filled with treasure chests of gold. Buried so deep under the sea bed now, very few treasure hunters have had the expertise or the means to attempt to locate this potential wealth, and if indeed there does lie a trove of jewels, it will likely remain hidden for some time to come.”

“There is another treasure to be found in these waters, however, at least for the Miskito Indians that live in the sparsely populated villages of Honduras’ Mosquito Coast. Caribbean spiny lobster has for decades been the source of income for the population here, yet whilst it’s provided wealth for the region it has also been a curse for the hundreds of lobster divers injured whilst sourcing the delicacy. They call the lobster ‘red gold’ in these parts, yet to find this treasure, divers must descend to depths for times that defy the body’s ability to deal with the dangerously high levels of nitrogen they are subjected to. The result, a region inundated with injured and crippled men, unable to find work in an area rife with unemployment”…More on the divers

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