Chaos at the Olimpia-Motagua soccer game

Two Olimpia soccer fanatics died after receiving two gunshots at the classic game between Motagua and Olimpia in the National Stadium of Tegucigalpa, the police arrested over sixty young men after one more was injured as the result of the chaos that was produced.

The deceased were identified as Gerson Lopez (17) and Omar Antonio Ruiz (18), and Jose Paz Rivera (19) resulted injured.

The death of Gerson Lopez took place on the bleachers after a confrontation between fans from both teams where the police had to interfere.

According to Lopez’ family, the person who shot both teens was a Cobra police officer who’s name remains unknown because he took off his identification badge after the incident.

The three teens where taken to the Hospital Escuela emergency room, but Gerson Lopez and Antonio Ruiz died when they arrived. Lopez presented two shot wounds on the right side of his body. He also presented bruises on his face presumably from the same officer.

Olimpia fans and friends of the person injured and the two deceased made their way to the hospital and where about to kick the gates down because the security from the hospital did not let them enter the hospital.

The chief of police Carlos Izaguirre, said they will start investigating the case.

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