Chavez Invited to Talks

The five Central American presidents invited Venezuelan Hugo Chavez to the Nicaraguan capital on May 7 to discuss food programs designed to counteract the crisis that has hiked basic product prices.

The meeting will also deal with energy aid projects from the South American region, explained the Honduran president, Manuel Zelaya.

This action should not be seen from a political point of view, but as an aid of solidarity from one country to another, the La Prensa newspaper reported.

Zelaya assured that the proposal was a joint decision of five Central American presidents in acknowledgement of the Venezuelan experience in many worthwhile programs and projects.

Events such as these are advantageous for Central America he said, and recalled the benefits reported about the approach of the Hugo Chavez government such as the contract with Petrocaribe.

The agreement approved by the Honduran congress in March this year, established an initial purchase of 200,000 barrels a day of fuel from Venezuela.

The alliance that is based on regional integration also allows the purchase of fertilizers and 100 farm tractors in exchange for agricultural products from Central America, the paper report added.

Honduras is the 17th member of Petrocaribe since the last meeting held in Cuba in December of 2007

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