Churches’ Trip Ends in Tragedy

A trip was organized by the Mother of Sorrows (Madre Dolorosa ) parish, St. Peter the Apostle (San Pedro Apostol), and St. Jude (San Judas Tadeo) churches for the purpose of raising funds for the upcoming Easter ceremonies. Tragically, their journey ended in the death of five Hondurans, including a boy of 8, as well as 41 injuries.

It was dark when the vehicle carrying the parishioners plunged toward the Humuya river and hit the rubble of the former bridge below. The main bridge was closed, and the driver had not turned onto the alternate path provided. Authorities believe the driver of the vehicle missed the signs, and was traveling too fast to be slowed by the sand pile in front of the missing bridge.

The head of the Ministry of Public Works, Transportation and Housing (SOPTRAVI), Miguel Pastor, toured the Humuya River bridge yesterday, the site of the tragic accident. He also visited those hospitalized in the El Progresso area.

“Most of the roads in the country lack suitable illumination, but it is possible to see that in the area of the accident there are signs; nevertheless, there are other areas where there are not”, Pastor declared.

He reported that the cost to repair the bridge is about 250 million lempiras. Pastor emphasized that since the first day he took office, he began to look at what resources he could find to help pay for road safety issues, and had looked to the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (BCIE), to begin a process of signage throughout the country.


Kevin Noel Medina (8)
Elin Sofia Mendez (22)
Vany Rodriguez (29)
Wilmer Garcia (26)
Berta Lilian Zuniga (46)


Cristina Garcia
Erixon Martinez
Yanarit Martinez
Sammi Mencia
Santos Martinez
Jorge Rodriguez
Daniel Vasquez
Karen Mencia
Virginia Vernal
Jose Galindo
Carlos Medina
Katy Barahona
Ariel Medina
Jimy Medina
Antony Medina
Marlon Mencia
Angel Caceres
Isis Garcia Lainez
Josue Ramirez
Gersin Garcia
Gabriela Maradiaga
Nancy Aroca Lopez
Ilsy Baleriano
Idalia Avila
Junior Donaire
Maritza Galindo
Celeny Munguia
Mayra Sierra
Gabriela Cuello
Allan Caceres
Estalin Sierra
Brayan Canales
Anairis Salinas
Santos Rodriguez
Blanca Torres
Juana Francisca Andrade
Estanly Sierra
Maria Rodas

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