Coffee Crops Lower

Honduras’s coffee industry has logged in contracts for 2,277,210 60-kilogram bags of coffee from the current 2008-09 crop in sales through April 14, the official Honduran Coffee Institute, or Ihcafe, said Tuesday.
This is 19% lower than sales through the same date the year before, when 2,797,378 bags of the 2007-08 Honduran crop had been sold by April 14, Ihcafe said.

The volume of the 2008-09 crop sold to date is estimated at about 53% of Honduran coffee exports from this harvest, from which shipments are forecast to total 3.642 million bags, Ihcafe said.

The Central American coffee nation is known to be a “late seller” in the market, with sales for the new crop normally not starting in earnest until after the onset of picking in October, but this year the harvest has been delayed and exporters are debating whether the crop is also lower.

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