Colombia Foreign Minister Visiting Lobo

The Foreign Minister of Colombia, María Ángela Holguín, arrived in Honduras today for a talk with President Porfirio Lobo.

The meeting between the two officials will concentrate on the draft document to be presented at the General Assembly of the Organization of American States, requesting that Honduras to be readmitted to the body.

Holguin arrived at approximately 10:00 a.m., and was greeted by Honduran Foreign Minister Mario Canahuati. They immediately went to Government House where they will meet with President Porfirio Lobo.

The next meeting of the OAS is to be held in San Salvador from the 5th through the 7th of June.

Colombia and Venezuela are acting as mediators to the OAS to seek the lifting of the suspension of Honduras. Honduras was suspended from the organization because former president Manuel Zelaya was not reinstated to office after the events of June 28th.

2 Responses to "Colombia Foreign Minister Visiting Lobo"

  1. Axel Javier Reyes Bogran  May 19, 2011 at 3:58 pm

    And do not be confused by the fact that Colombia is involved for this is not Uribes Colombia, the first official act that its new President did as an interaction with a foreing Gobernment was to develop close ties with Chavez.

  2. Axel Javier Reyes Bogran  May 19, 2011 at 3:54 pm

    Funny how they pick and choose their words!!
    Why is it that Chavez is a mediator for Honduras? Is it pure coincidence that in order for Honduras to be back in the OAS people like Chavez and other Leftist leaders of the region have demanded Zelaya be pardoned or at least absolved of his responsabilities in “the events of June 28” as the article reads.
    How quickly people forget that Honduras had been accepted back a few months back prior to Zelaya being absolved of responsabilities, so why are we doing it now like that, if we did not need to do it a few months back, why do we need to do it now?
    It is my personal opinion that what this Red Pigs are looking for is for a precedent not to be set, for it would leave them open to retaliation for using the inocence of Democracy to twist her around and make ammendements totally non-democratic to the ‘CONSTITUTIONS’ of the countries which their are now running as if they were “Elected Dictators”, something which goes against the very grain of Democracy, since it is not about Elections only, but about the options fron which to make those elections, choices that Chavez, Morales, Correa, Ortega, and several others have now taken away from the people, and that other “Dictators Wannabes” are doing in their countries as you read this.
    Honduras has been sold out again, this time by its President, Mr. Lobo, who is clearly in bed with those Red Rats, not in vain the he attend the UNAH under the Reyna brothers, whom actually granted him passage to that infamous Soviet University, “Patricio Lumumba”.
    is every body in Honduras blind, they are being distracted by what is hapening when they should be protesting as to why it is hapening.
    No more blindfolds, take them off and be courageous, stop being like sheep, for you have a Wolf among you.

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